Residency Activities

Speaking with Your Audience

Adam Marks’ signature workshop is suitable for musicians at any point in their career. Focusing on the What, When, and How of speaking during a performance, participants are encouraged to draw on their own experience and personalities to craft a performance aesthetic that is uniquely theirs. Exercises on content development are balanced with practical drills, techniques, and tricks to help even the most reserved tap into their confidence in presenting their work to others. This workshop has been presented at the Chamber Music America National Conference, The Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes Conservatory, Zagreb Conservatory, The Colburn School, Arizona State University, Northwestern University, New Music on the Point, Fresh Inc, Music in the Mountains, and many, many more.  

Student Composition Readings

Readings and performance practice/notation discussions of new works by students are available. Volume of repertoire subject to limitation based on schedule, length, and difficulty of works.

Piano Masterclass

Traditional instrumental masterclass with repertoire from any era.

Finding Your Discipline

Suitable for composition and performance students alike, this workshop helps students create their own vocabulary within the framework of New Discipline composition. Concepts of precision, duration, and texture are explored to empower students to find new means of expression and communication in their performance and writing.

Entrepreneurship 101

Seminars and workshops available to explore best practices for artistic planning, production, fundraising, business practice, and more, based on the needs and interests of the specific sponsoring institution.

Chamber Ensemble Coaching

With extensive experience as a chamber musician, workshops and coachings are available to help ensembles improve their communication skills, rehearsal techniques, and interpretations of repertoire from any era.