Collaborative Programs

New music champions Matt Albert and Adam Marks join forces to present revolutionary duo works for violin and piano. For booking, contact Matt Albert at For more information and audio samples, click here.

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John Adams - Road Movies (1995)
    1. Relaxed Groove
    2. Contemplative
    3. 40% Swing

Maurice Ravel - Sonate pour violon et piano (1927)
    1. Alegretto
    2. Blues, Moderato
    3. Perpetuum Mobile. Allegro


Henryk Górecki - Little Fantasia (1997)

Sergei Prokofiev - Sonata No. 1 in F Minor Op. 80 (1946)
    1. Andante assai
    2. Allegro brusco
    3. Andante

Art song duo Beattie and Marks are pleased to offer the following program exploring Aaron Copland’s intricate and intense settings of poems by Emily Dickinson. For booking contact Jennifer Beattie at For More information and audio samples, click here.

When They Come Back

Cipullo - Cavatina (from A Visit with Emily)

 photo by SnoStudios

photo by SnoStudios

Copland - Nature, the gentlest Mother
Copland - There came a wind like a bugle
Debussy - La Flûte de Pan
Bowles - Heavenly Grass
Copland - Why do they shut me out of Heaven?

Schumann - Humoresque
Copland - The world feels dusty
Copland - Heart, we will forget him
Bolcom - Amor
Copland - Dear March, come in
Gershwin - They can't take that away from me


Laitman - Wider than the Sky
Debussy - La Chevelure
Copland - Sleep is supposed to be
Copland - When they come back
Mahler - Urlicht
Cipullo - Aria (from A Visit with Emily)

Copland - I felt a funeral in my brain
Gershwin - Prelude No. 2
Copland - I've heard an organ talk sometimes
Copland - Going to Heaven!
Debussy - Le Tombeau des Naïades
Copland - The Chariot