Body of Work - Interdisciplinary Solo Recital

This program highlights the use of the body and voice in performance. Many of these works fall into the category of New Discipline: the application of strict musical specificity and rhythm to non-musical actions like gesture, text, and more. Adam’s interactive speaking during the performance provides context and entry points for audiences whether seasoned contemporary music fans and scholars, or listeners who are entirely unfamiliar with the genre.

Mark Applebaum (b. 1967) - Aphasia - for singer and tape (2010)

François Sarhan (b. 1972) - Ô Piano - for an amplified speaking pianist and prerecorded sounds (2012)

Adam Marks (b. 1978) - Polaris (2019) * premiere

Jessie Marino (b. 1984) - New Work Title TBA (2019) *premiere

Additional works will be added once the new commissions are in to round out the program. Possible inclusions are works by Meredith Monk and Juraj Kôjs.

Notes on the program

Aphasia - An entirely gestural piece choreographed to pre-recorded sounds, Aphasia pushes the boundaries of what people might consider contemporary music performance, and opens up the discussion of gesture as music. Precise and crisp, it’s musicality is instantly obvious, but how it connects to instrumental tradition

Ô Piano - Sarhan’s work examines the relationship between text, conversation, gesture, and musical theme. Stemming from an interview with the commissioning pianist, this piece portrays the relationship between artist and art, full of anxiety, faith, and discipline. Text originally in French, presented in this recital in English.

Polaris - This new piece creates a new sound world using small magnets as preparations in the piano. This technique is entirely non-invasive and safe for the instrument, but creates a brought spectrum of percussive, dramatic sound evocative of the most complex preparations of John Cage.

New Work by Jessie Marino - Jessie is one of the most celebrated composer/performers working in the vein of New Discipline. A recipient of the 2018 Rome Prize for composition, she is creating a new work specifically for this program. It premieres November, 2019, and is available for touring after that time.


Mark Applebaum performs Aphasia

Sarhan - Ô Piano, performed by Nicolas Mallarte. Version for this recital will be in English, not French.